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Hello,Get on the bus.Shut up you big fat turd.What did you say I said cool nice bird.Hello to my link and animated gif site I also have some other SWEEEEEET stuff!You can also join my club just E-mail me with your name and your website and if you signed my Guest Book you`ll get a bus ticket.I`ll send it and just show me that you have one and you`ll get a trip to differt places.REALLY!So just explore my site and watch out for Mean Mr.Frosty and you`ll just have to add this to your favorite places also i have a link exchange so send me your link i`ll link it and you`ll link mine.I`m also a game creator and a damn good gif creator i`ll have games posted in a couple of weeks i`m working on a game called Kyles Revenge-The journy of a life time!More news tomarrow.....

There are people on the bus.

Some places this bus will stop at

Comedy Central: First Stop!and its Official
South Park World: Nice games
South Park Lore: Nice site loves to use htmls
South Park Meltdown : My geocities site
South Park Town Square: Drawings are terrible
Mr.Hat`s Movie Page: Some real video movies
South Park Quake: Updates take forever
Mr.Hat Game Center: Some Games
Mr.Hat Hell Hole: Damn Mr.Hat wheres Mr.Twig!
South Park Web Ring: Last stop tomarrow get back on the bus and i`ll take you to more places if you got a ticket E-mail me
Page 2 of my site: Go here after you see the rest of my page!
Did you notice(NEW ON MY PAGE): Has cool what kenny says,news,and did you notice
Hell Bent NEW!!!: Awsome game you shoot devils you have a shot gun and its awsome!